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Alberta Learning Prescribed Curriculum

The Alberta Learning Program of Studies for those who want to know what Alberta students are expected to learn.

Alberta Consumers' Association

The Consumers' Association of Canada, Alberta link can be used as a resource for students taking Career and Life Management 20 and Social Studies 16, 13, and 10.
Career and Life Management 20
Students working on the Independent Living component of the Career and Life Management 20 core curriculum can use the  Sources of Consumer Information link to explore the types of information available to consumers on the internet.  In addition the Consumer Advocacy link will introduce them to many forms of advocacy and the organizations that are working on behalf of consumers.  These links lead to information that students working on Module 3 Consumer and Investment Choices can use, particularly for the "Wise consumer decision making" component.  In addition the Consumers' Association of Canada's version of consumer rights and responsibilities are available.
Social Studies 16, 13, and 10.
Social Studies 16, 13, and 10 students can use the Consumer Advocacy  link to support the Citizenship themes that are part of these courses.  The organizations that can be found using the links are involved in all aspects of citizen involvement in the community.  The activities of these groups range from physically supporting consumers with health problems to representing consumers at Public Utility Board hearings.  In addition some of these organizations represent consumers on national and international committees that are negotiating standards and developing legislation.

Social Studies Classroom Resources

2Learn NetSteps pages are curricular resource pages prepared primarily by Alberta  teachers on a variety of topics, units, themes and subject areas related to the Alberta  curriculum.  Social Studies resources are available from K-12. http://www.2learn.ca/currlinks/2teach/netsteps/1NSindices/NSss.html

Social Studies Lesson Plans from the Community Learning Network.  The Community Learning Network is designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. We have over 250 menu pages with more than 4,700 annotated links to educational WWW sites, as well as over 100 WWW resources of our own -- all organized within an intuitive structure. In the last 2.5 years, visitors from 154 different countries have made over 12 million hits on the CLN Web site. http://www.cln.org/cln.html

 The WebQuest site is designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with the web. The webquest  collection contains excellent examples and materials developed by Webquest users.

The Social Studies Council (SSC http://www.socialstudies.ab.ca/) seeks to promote the study of social studies in Alberta and constantly improve the teaching of social studies.  It is a specialist council of the Alberta Teachers' Association http://www.teachers.ab.ca/.

Student Resources

PinkMonkey.com website, launched November 1998 -the world's online resource for quality educational study aids delivered right to your desktop! The PinkMonkey site is designed to assist high school and college students with research, report writing, study assistance, and testing. http://www.pinkmonkey.com

Education News and Issues

Education News and Issues wants to be the place on the World Wide Web for people interested in education reform, schools, and the policies that guide them.  Their site is found at http://cee.indiana.edu/.

Education Week on the Web at http://www.edweek.org.  This site is maintained by Education Week magazine and has a wide variety of information or links to other site, concerned with education issues and events.

McRel Internet Connections ,a list of education related internet resources, is found at http://www.mcrel.org/connect/index.html. The sole purpose of the site is to provide an extensive list of links to educational resources to help people find the appropriate application of technology to improve teaching and learning in diverse settings.

The Educational Policy Analysis Archives  publishes research reviews and scholarly writings on all aspects of education policy. It seeks to illuminate educational practice at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary and in many nations. Articles from a wide variety of disciplinary bases are welcome; nor is the focus of the Archives limited to or slanted toward any particular method of inquiry or analysis--neither quantitative, qualitative, empirical or rational. The site is found at http://olam.ed.asu.edu/epaa/.

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