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Alberta Consumers' Association

Alberta Curriculum Linkages-Alberta Learning Social IOP Social Studies 16­26 (Senior High) /12 (1992)

The Alberta Consumers' Association site provides links to information resources that can be used to meet the learning objectives of the following course.  Objectives that can be met directly are bolded.  For social studies 16 the site supports the citizenship theme and is most useful for exploring the role of voluntary organizations in the community and exploring how special interests groups gather support and affect government policy.  Activities that use the site to meet the learning objectives are suggested.  If you would like to add an activity to this site, send it to Larry Phillips

Being a Citizen

Students will examine the decision-making strategies used by themselves, their peers and their family members. They will then compare familiar strategies with decision-making models used by the various levels of government in Canada. Students will also explore methods of becoming participants in the decision-making processes of government.


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