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General Consumer Links

Alberta Consumer Services - (old "Consumer Affairs") housed in the Alberta Government Services Ministry is in charge of enforcing Alberta's Fair Trading Act and operates a Consumer Info Line at 1-877-427-4088 and web-site at Find out the rules or make a complaint. They also provide information (and take complaints) related to new retail energy contracts for householders and provide information about private registries.

Phone Busters - or 1-888-495-8501. Has someone just offered you a deal that's too good to be true? Are you the victim of phishing (or want to now what it means?), telemarketing fraud, unexpected long distance charges on your phone bill from far away places, identify theft? Canadian Consumer InformationIndex -  links to many Canadian consumer information sites. Consumer Information:Scams  -  lists sites that provide information about many common and current scams

Public Interest Advocacy Centre - PIAC is a non-profit organization that provides legal and research services on behalf of consumer interests, and, in particular, vulnerable consumer interests, concerning the provision of important public services. Privacy issues, Telecommunications, Airlines, etc.

Consumers' Association of Canada (Manitoba)
- Lots of good sources of consumer information on LINKS page.

Consumers Association of Canada (Ottawa) - Interesting reports on cross-country comparisons of auto insurance.

Consumer Reports Online - the American online site for Consumer Reports.  There are some free product evaluations and other information on this U.S. site.

 The Ram's Horn - Brewster Kneen's monthly journal of good system analysis for great information about food production and food safety. 

International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance - joint campaign of non-governmental organizations around the world. Are you worried about the growing registration and surveillance infrastructure and the creation of data profiles of whole populations? Find out more.

American Civil Liberties Union - A must-see video clip about the growing trend towards blending health, retail and government information.


Business and Money

Investing Canada - the index of Canadian investment information sites.  Linked sites provide information about investing in Canada and Canadian financial institutions. 

Credit - This index focuses on Personal Finance: Credit in Canada: applying for credit, managing credit, calculators, costs, and debt problems.


Health and Prescription Drugs Information

Health Canada - In partnership with provincial and territorial governments, Health Canada provides national leadership to develop health policy, enforce health regulations, promote disease prevention and enhance healthy living for all Canadians.

PharmaWatch - Do you suspect you may have had an adverse reaction to a prescription drug? If so, help make the world a safer place. You can find out where to report such reactions and fill in an on-line form with this Vancouver-based consumer advocacy group working to improve drug safety in Canada. This group's LINKS page also has a long list of wonderful sources of good information and support groups related to problems with prescription drugs.

Medeffects - Health Canada's New and Improved Product Safety Alert Site  with links to information on all products regulated by Health Canada (prescription drugs, consumer products, medical devices, etc.)

Women's Health Network - Site and links are filled with good information - for men and women.


Media Focus on Consumer Issues

CBC Market Place - a consumer affairs show.  This site archives many of the reports featured on the program.

W5 - CTV's Investigative Consumer Affairs Program

CTV Calgary  - ConsumerWatch with Reporter Lea Williams-Doherty